The Rooftop Graffiti at New Design

Written by Aaron ⋅ Published on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2013

I was in New York for a week in February, as part of the Arts Education B.Ed. program. One of the many highlights for me was the tour of New Design High School, lead by two students in their senior year. The focus on design & art at this school is inspirational. Our tour ended by sneaking up to the roof, which is covered in some of the most beautiful graffiti I’ve ever seen. Below are some of my favourites.

That last photograph shows three of the spots that have been painted white to make way for new artwork. Being up on that roof was amazing & reminded me of the Graffiti episode of MTV’s Downtown; Matt lets Fruity & Chaka tag along when he goes down into the subway tunnels of New York to paint. The rooftop space at New Design can be booked for events, awesome.

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